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Bioreactors are models of biological systems. Initially in them naturally developed consortia of microorganisms which consumed a substratum were used and gave out a product, without specific structure and interactions between different types of microorganisms in consortium.

The term "consortium" is used for the description of various cooperations of microorganisms. In the note to the Rule 31 in "The international code of the nomenclature of bacteria" (197 it is told:" The consortium — is set or association of two or more organisms". Thus, such forms of communities of microorganisms as association and the mixed culture also enter this concept.

Most actively mushrooms which main quantity is allocated from the soil and water participate in destruction of xenobiotics of a bacterium also. Representatives of bacteria treat various sorts Gram-otritsatelnykh and Gram-polozhitelnykh of aerobic and anaerobic organisms. From most important aerobic Gram-otritsatelnykh of bacteria it should be noted types of the sorts Pseudomonas, Sphingomonas, Burkholderia, Alcaligenes, Acinetobacter, Flavobacterium, metanokislyayushchy and nitrifying bacteria, and from Gram-polozhitelnykh – representatives of the sorts Arthrobacter, Nocardia, Rhodococcus and Bacillus.