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The existentialism reasonably recognizes that "boundary situations" really force people to reflect on sense and the maintenance of the life, to overestimate the values. The person in such situations opens the real personality.

Despite a gipertrofirovaniye of the spiritual beginning in the person, and his data more to irrational, the existentialism made the significant contribution to development of philosophical approaches to the person as persons, to identification of its essence.

Specifics of a philosophical circle of the problems connected with the person developed not at once. The history of philosophy is a difficult and long process of the methods and purposes replacing each other. The philosophy of knowledge of the person demanded first of all formation of a special method of knowledge when the person appears at the same time subject and object of process.

The existentialism philosophy, besides despite some excesses in reasonings, designated that "a boundary situation" in which now there is a person and mankind. The developed principles it indicated the need of revision of valuable reference points by which the person as the personality and society is guided.

At Jaspers personal life contacts the aggravated searches by the person of the identity which reveals in communication, communication. Communication - according to Jaspers is a universal condition of human life. It literally makes its comprehensive essence. Everything that there is a person and that is for the person, is found first of all in communication. Communication by Jaspers is brought to the level of criterion of philosophical thought and identified with reason. As the reason in the vseotkrytost is directed on uniform in all sushchny, it counteracts communication interruption, but it gives to the person original essence.

The philosophical thought during certain periods that dissolved the person in the nature or society, concerned to him as to a being self-sufficing, opposing him to the natural and social world. And nevertheless, completely considering that fact that the specific weight of a human perspective in various philosophical systems was not identical, the main directions of philosophical thought throughout all its history always contacted it.

Problem of the person - one of the main, rather central, in all world philosophical thought. Protagor characterized the person as a measure of all things that became one of the basic world outlook and methodological principles of science and philosophy.