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Distimny type. For these people the low, not verbosity, tendency to pessimism are characteristic. They lead a life, seldom clash. Are serious, conscientious, betrayed in friendship, however are immoderately passive and sluggish.

Strong-willed regulation of behavior Strong-willed regulation of behavior is characterized by a condition of an mobilizovannost of the personality, the potrebny mode of an, concentration of this activity in the necessary direction.

Demonstrative type. They are artistic, affable, their thinking and acts are extraordinary. They seek for leadership, easily adapt to people. At the same time, such people of an, are hypocritical, unfair in work, are vain.

Cogitative type. These people trust that is thought over, logically more. They strive for truth, not really caring of justice. All like to bring to full clarity. Are capable to remain quiet when people around lose self-control.

the aktsentualny theories connecting features of a his accentuation - the excessive expressiveness of separate traits of character and their sets representing extreme of mental norm, boundary with psikhopatiya (Leongard, Lichko, etc.).

The Gipertimny type — such people is characterized by sociability, garrulity, expressiveness of gestures, a mimicry. These are the vigorous, initiative, optimistically adjusted people. At the same time they are thoughtless, irritable, difficult conditions of rigid discipline, the compelled loneliness.

The Introvertny feeling type gives itself to completely subjectively focused feeling, without listening to, logic of events. People of this type do not shine and do not seek to find themselves. Their feelings are deep and quite often. They are inclined to avoid parties and meetings, they are silent and remote.

The Introvertny intuitive type possesses an intuitive to get into the future, but his intuition is directed not on objective reality, and on the subjective mental world. people are frequent among shamans, prophets, poets and artists. They are a little anxious with corporal existence and often in fruitless imaginations.

At the level of the personality manifestation of will finds the expression in such properties as will power (degree of necessary strong-willed effort for achievement of the purpose), persistence (ability of the person to the opportunities for long overcoming ), endurance (ability to slow down actions, feelings, thoughts, to implementation of the made decision), vigor, etc. These are primary (bazova strong-willed personal qualities, the majority of behavioural acts.

Ekstravertirovanny type. Induces them to activity and loads with energy the outside world. Do not love lonely, need support and approval of people. Are sociable, many friends. Are easily inspired, subject to influence. Have willingly a good time, are inclined to rash acts.

Introversive type. They are focused on the world therefore there is not enough kontaktna, are inclined to loneliness and a, do not suffer intervention in their private life., seldom enter the conflicts. At the same time they are quite stubborn, conservative, it is difficult for them to be reconstructed in time.

Conformist type. At such people almost never happens neither own opinion, nor own social position. They implicitly submit to circumstances, requirements of group, quickly and without problems change the belief. It is type of conscious and unconscious timeservers.