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Input of new record in the list is carried out after pressing of the Ins key. After that consecutive data input in columns of the list is carried out. For completion of input it is necessary to press the Enter key. At any time it is possible to interrupt input with pressing of the Esc key.

At input of the new account (the sub-account in the list of accounts it will be placed there one after another. At input of accounts with sub-accounts at first the line with an account code, an empty code of the sub-account is entered and the name of the account is specified in it. Then in lines with the same code of the account and codes of sub-accounts the name of sub-accounts is entered.

During the work in the majority the modes pressing of the F10 key displays the window containing everything possible teams in the current mode and function keys corresponding to them. This window is called as the menu of actions. For an exit from the menu of actions it is necessary to press the Esc key.

For the sub-account it is possible to set parameters when pressing the F5 key, previously having installed the cursor on concrete to the sub-account. Names of parameters of the sub-account are uniform for all types of the sub-account of one look. Values of parameters can be used in the form of primary documents, in forms of reports, in formulas of standard conductings, etc. The principle of work with the list of parameters of the sub-account same, as well as for other lists.

During work with the program various output documents are formed. For convenience of viewing of the last document from the Service of the Main Menu group this command is chosen or is caused from all main modes when pressing the keys Ctrl+F Printing of the Last Document is carried out from the main menu or when pressing the Ctrl+F keys

If in the list there is no necessary type of the sub-account, the Ins key is pressed and the name of the necessary type of the sub-account is entered. To cancel maintaining the analytical account or sub-account, the line Without sub-account gets out and the Enter key is pressed.

Input of conductings (Ins) is carried out consistently on columns passing from a column into a column after pressing of the Enter key. The column N is filled automatically after a task of number of a workplace in "Installation of parameters".

- if for conducting the formula is set, the sum is calculated on a formula. If thus the first coefficient is equal to zero, the calculated sum of conducting is removed in a separate window for confirmation (if necessary the sum can be corrected);

- for conductings on those accounts on which analytical account is kept, the corresponding list of the sub-account will be displayed. As the cursor it is necessary to choose the necessary object of the analytical account and to press the Enter key;

In the presence the account of sub-accounts has a possibility of maintaining the list of the sub-account on the account in general or on each sub-account separately. In the first case it is necessary to specify the name of the sub-account only for a line with the name of the account, in the second - only for lines with names of sub-accounts.